The correct depth of containers for growing herbs

picking the right depth of containers for growing herbs

Growing Herbs in Containers and Beds Most herbs are relatively shallow rooted and can be grown in most pots, containers or raised beds. The key element for growing herbs is providing a balance between enough soil to hold moisture while at the same time providing enough drainage for the plants to not suffer from root […]

Growing tomatoes in fabric pots

Growing tomatoes in containers

Why you should grow tomatoes in fabric pots For urban gardeners, space is always a concern. Growing tomatoes in fabric pots is one way to maximize your growing area. Regardless of whether you have a whole garden to work with or just a small balcony, I highly suggest giving this method for growing tomatoes a […]

7 Awesome pea trellis ideas

green peas

7 types of trellises that you can use for supporting your climbing peas. Ranging from simple to complex, there are ideas for every gardener here.

Building a balcony vegetable garden

Balcony vegetable gardening ideas

Starting a balcony vegetable garden You live in an apartment and want to garden. Likely your only option is to build a balcony vegetable garden. Gardening in the confines of an apartment balcony has some significant differences from gardening in a space where you have a yard. In this article I will cover all the […]

Jindy’s Balcony Garden Video Tour

Tour of Jindy's balcony garden

In this gardening video, Jindy takes us on a tour of her balcony garden and shows off some examples of what she is growing in a very limited amount of space. This is a great example of the kind of things you can do with smart container gardening even in a small amount of room.

Easy Gutter Gardening

gardening in gutters

Gutter Gardening Is An Easy Way To Grow Lots Of Plants In A Small Space Gutter gardens are an easy way to add a lot of growing room to your garden, by going vertical! Space is a premium in most city gardens and one of the answers to a lack of growing room is going […]

The Perfect Pot Size For Tomatoes

Selection of containers for gardening

Knowing The Right Pot Size For Tomatoes Is Critical One of the most popular urban gardening choices is tomatoes, but what pot size do you need for tomatoes?  A common mistake when growing tomatoes in containers is going too small. Tomatoes are heavy feeders that have extensive root systems. Going too small means stunted plants […]