Galvanized steel raised beds let anyone that loves gardening use their space more efficiently and garden easier with fewer pests than traditional in-ground gardening. ga

If you are doing urban gardening, raised beds let you pack more garden into a smaller place and gives you the option to build up your soil instead of working with backyard dirt, which is often very poor. 

I particularly love galvanized steel raised garden beds because they offer all the advantages of raised beds, but don’t rot out like wood raised beds will. 

The following are our choices for the best galvanized steel raised beds for your backyard garden. 

Vegega Steel Raised Garden Beds

vegega galvanized steel raised garden bed



Vegega raised galvanized steel garden beds come in a variety of sizes and configurations to suit whatever amount of space or shape that you have in your garden. 

If you have a small yard, you can put in a couple round metal garden beds that function both as a decoration and as functional garden space. 

One thing I like about Vegega garden beds is that they offer 8″. 17″, and 32″ raised garden beds. The 32″ models are particularly nice if you have issues bending or getting down on your knees.



Coming in both 17″ and 32″ heights, the Vego steel raised beds come in a variety of sizes. 

The Vego raised beds feature their proprietary VZ 2.0 material made from a steel substrate coated in Zinc, Aluminum, & Magnesium + USDA certified paint for increased longevity. They claim that they should last 20 years, which is way longer than wood garden beds. 


K. Glasson
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I bought one of these for last season and managed to grow cukes, eggplant, peppers, squash, and cantaloupe in that space. It was a bit crowded but still successful. I got another one for next season to grow tomatoes. Looking forward to it. My back loves raised beds.



Our third entry in the best galvanized metal raised garden beds, is the Olle brand metal garden beds. 

These are the best galvanized steel raised beds that I’ve found on the market. Any of these will make great additions to your urban garden. A practical solution to gardening in small spaces, or locations with poor soil.